Stem Cell Injections for Pain

What are Stem Cell Injections?

Microsurgical Spine Center is now offering stem cell injections for back, knee, hip, or other pain.

MSC is the first to perform this treatment for spinal issues in the state of Washington. At the forefront of medicine, stem cell injections use the body’s own healthy stem cells with the goal to regenerate and thus repair diseased spinal tissue. 

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How It Works

  • Bone marrow is aspirated, or extracted, from a patient's hip or other parts of the skeleton. This is the first step for the spine injection.
  • For the stem cell injection for other joints, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is aspirated, or extracted, from a patient's hip. 
  • The bone marrow is centrifuged, separating the stem cells from other components in the marrow.
  • The final product is injected directly in the affected disc, or the affected joint.
  • Ultrasound is used for complete accuracy and precision.
  • The above steps are all done in about an hour, at one appointment in the office. 

Stem cell injection is part of a larger treatment plan that can include an anti-inflammatory diet and physical therapy to ensure the body’s mechanics are correct and the pain will not return.

Stem Cell Injection FAQ

What do stem cell injections treat exactly?

Stem cell injections treat degenerative disc disease of the spine, degenerative joint disease of the hip or shoulder, arthritis, meniscus tear, rotator cuff tear, Achilles tendon, sacroiliac (SI) joint pain and more.

I thought stem cells used embryos?

There are two main types of stem cell treatment: adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. The ones that have caused controversy in the headlines and among politicians are embryonic, because they are taken from early-stage embryos. At MSC, we use adult stem cells, which are stem cells from your own body. We extract adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from your own bone marrow.

Am I the right candidate for this treatment?

Possibly – the best way to find out would be to come in for a consultation. You are not a candidate if your spinal degeneration has gone so far that your spine is structurally damaged. For example, if you have severe scoliosis or if you’ve broken your back, your spine is not structurally sound. Stem cell injections are recommended for patients who have early to middle-range degeneration. If you have cancer or if you are on anti-coagulant medication such as Coumadin – you are also not a candidate for stem cell injections.

How long does the stem cell injection take?

The stem cell injection is a quick in-office procedure that usually takes about an hour. You will be able to leave immediately after the injection. You will begin to see results from the injection in 4-6 weeks.

How long is the recovery time?

There is virtually no recovery time needed. The process is a fast in-office procedure. The pain should be minimal, with some localized pain around the injection site, as with any shot.

Can stem cell injections be used to help me recover from surgery?

Yes. Stem cell injections are also used to help the bones heal and to stimulate healing from another procedure.

Are stem cell injections covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

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